Exploring the WAX Blockchain

Ivan Montiel
2 min readAug 7, 2023

I’ve been working on Dark Emblem, an interactive NFT card game built on the WAX Blockchain, for over a year now, and I wanted to create a more extensive tutorial that didn’t exist when I started. The community has come a long way since I initially had the idea for Dark Emblem, but good, solid tutorials walking you through the start to end of creating an NFT project don’t really exist outside of the WAX developer portal.

In my Dev.to 22 part series, I dive into the essential aspects of WAX, NFTs, and AtomicHub. This covers:

Creating and deploying Smart Contracts

Get hands-on experience writing WAX Smart Contracts. This set of tutorials guides you through creating Hello World and a Guestbook Smart Contract to provide a solid foundation for more complex topics.

Implementing Simple WAX NFTs

Explore how data on the blockchain works by implementing a simple NFT on the WAX blockchain. This tutorial goes over some simple NFT functionality, and where implementing your own NFT ends up having shortfalls.

Leveraging AtomicAssets and AtomicHub

Dive into the world of fully implemented NFTs on the WAX blockchain by leveraging existing Smart Contracts. This set of tutorials goes into how you can build an NFT that leverages AtomicAssets which lets your NFTs be traded, collected, and showcased.

Going Beyond

We also dive into using the WAX RNG Oracle to randomly mint new NFTs. In this set of tutorials, we create a demo collection called BabyChicks where users can buy and egg and hatch it on the blockchain.

Why Choose WAX?

WAX offers a user-friendly and powerful platform for creating digital assets, Smart Contracts, and decentralized applications. The 22 part series provides clear instructions, step-by-step guidance and insights into the unique features of WAX.

Ready to embark on your WAX adventure? Start exploring today with these tutorials!